HEX Reversible Ramps

HEX Play Systems are modular and expandable. Mix and match ramps with our HEX Bases to create a variety of challenges and combinations. Since our ramps are reversible, you get double the play from one piece of equipment. Whether your little climber wants to slide or climb, our HEX Climbing Ramp offers complete customizationWith multiple ways to attach it to our HEX Bases and Add Ons, the HEX System changes with your child's abilities and interests. Add your perfect ramp to your HEX System. 
Works with all HEX and FLEX products.
If you would like to add a natural finish, we recommend our Mama Bee Wood Finish.

Our HEX System pieces are made from Maple and Baltic Birch.

All HEX and FLEX pieces support 100 pounds.

Every product we make is made to order. Please see shipping estimate below the "Add to Cart" Button. If you purchase multiple items, they will all ship together. 

What People are Saying

We loved our pikler bundle!
We have three kids 6, 2 and 1 and all of them liked it so far, they play together and they have bunch of fun. We are so happy with our purchase.

My 1 year old and 3 year old love this!
The younger is very brave while the older is a little more cautious. This pikler is perfect because it challenges both of them and gives them something physical to do together.
We are so pleased!

I have two active boys under 4 and sometimes we have the Pikler large in a fun configuration, and I love also being able to have them small and separated for different uses.

Even when not in use it’s a beautiful “toy” on display. And the hexagonal rungs are amazing for steady footing! No detail was overlooked. It’s a great size for our oldest for years to come as well.

My husband and I bought this for our son for Christmas. I love everything about it!

The quality is outstanding and I know this is a toy my son (and future children) will enjoy for many years to come.

Without many gross motor skill options this winter we are so grateful for this fun and multi-use toy. It serves so many purposes other than just a climbing tool- a fort, a make believe castle, even a barrier for the crawling baby between rooms! Thank you Schoene & Sons for this wonderful toy!


HEX Climbing System

The HEX Climbing System is a truly transformational play system. With it, kids can create their own adventure spaces with six basic components: cube, tower, arch, mini HEX, standard HEX, and adjustable HEX - all inspired by Dr. Pikler, guaranteed to be kid-friendly, and built to last.

The open design of the play components offers endless possibilities for imaginative exploration and physical play that help develop strength and balance. It's time to change the way you play – and redefine fun.

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