Our Story

Flashback (if you will) to early March 2020. I was working in special education, and people started to get really concerned about the pandemic. Schools began to close and I was hesitantly still seeing students at home. ⁣
My husband came home one day told me his company would be closing permanently due to the lock down. ⁣
We had a 10 month old at that time, and I thought "I can work from home". But education just isn't the same, especially when you are facilitating e-learning for students with special needs. It wasn't working and that became clear to everyone. ⁣
So, there we were - my husband and I without jobs and my son turning 1 in less than a month. ⁣
I knew I wanted to buy a Pikler for his first birthday, but that was not happening. So I made one. Then a ramp, then a friend's pikler, then another and another and another. ⁣
Now this is my life. I make wood toys for active kids like mine. I get to be with my son every single day. I get to share my passion with families across the country.